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PROOF Whiskey Bar offers a wide variety of brews. Simply put, a beer style is a label given to a beer that describes its overall character and often times its origin. It’s a name badge that has been achieved over many centuries of brewing, trial and error, marketing, and consumer acceptance. Our styles reflect our spin on the constantly evolving world of beer.

There’s very little distinction between a Porter and a Stout, but they do have their differences. Porter is a dark, almost black, fruity-dry, top fermenting style. An ale, porter is brewed with a combination of roasted malt to impart flavour, colour and aroma.

Wine, on the other hand, consists of a much wider descriptive base, including variations in acidity, angularity, brightness, bouquet and structure.


Zipline IPA

Lincoln, Nebraska

Infusion Vanilla Blonde Ale

Omaha, Nebraska

Kinkaider’s Hirams Bones Porter

Broken Bow, Nebraska

Brickway Vanilla Coffee Stout

Omaha, Nebraska

Seasonal Cider

Goose Island 312 Wheat

Chicago, Illinois


Stella Artois


Goose Island Honkers Ale

Chicago, Illinois

Brickway Pilsner

Omaha, Nebraska

Lucky Bucket Stupefy IPA

Papillion, Nebraska

Guinness Stout


Clausthauler Amber NA



True Myth Cabernet

Pulenta La Flor Malbec

Aquinas Pinot Noir

Big Smooth Zinfadel

McMannis Chardonnay

Champs Rose

Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc

Mia Dolce Moscato

Chandon 187ml

Damia 187ml

Dom Perignon

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